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Peri-Guard® Repair-Patch

Peri-Guard® Repair-Patch is an acellular, biological patch with a low degree of elasticity and is thus suitable as a prosthesis for pericardial closure and soft tissue deficiencies which include defects of the thoracic wall, and intracardiac and great vessel repair.

Supple Peri-Guard®

Supple Peri-Guard® is an acellular, biological patch for intracardial reconstructions (VSD, ASD etc.) or also reconstructions to large vessels. The excellent performance of Supple Peri-Guard® is documented in almost 35 years of clinical experience.


Vascu-Guard® is an acellular, biological patch for wide use in vascular surgery with documented, clinical experience of over 30 years. The product CE mark was recently extended under MDD.