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Vascu-Guard® is an acellular, biological patch for wide use in vascular surgery with documented, clinical experience of over 30 years. The product CE mark was recently extended under MDD.

Distinctive properties

The acellular and molecular matrix of the Vascu-Guard® patch provides a unique combination of valuable properties when it comes to quality: 

  • Softness & elasticity: Vascu-Guard® patches are soft, elastic and supple. They adjust ideally to the pulsating movements of the vessel.  
  • Integration: The acellular matrix structure provides ideal preconditions for a long-term cellular integration of the patch.
  • Permanent thanks to molecular stability: The cross-linking of the matrix caters for permanent stability and performance, even after many years. Vascu-Guard® patches have been implanted worldwide for almost three decades without any reports of ruptures or aneurysmal changes. 
  • Microbiological safety: Thanks to the manufacturer’s own and patented APEX® method, the highest degree of microbiological safety is maintained.
  • No incision channels bleeding: The handling of the soft, acellular, biological patches resembles the body’s own material. When puncturing or suturing, the collagen fibres close directly around the needle or thread and thus allow no incision channel bleeding. Vascu-Guard® can easily be cut to size and sewed. 
  • Can be used with antibiotics: Unlike other biological materials, Vascu-Guard® can also be used at the same time as certain antibiotics*.
    *data on file

Areas of application

  • Vascular surgery (renal, iliac, femoral, profunda and tibial)
  • Carotid artery surgery
  • Particularly suitable in the field of infection risks
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  • Cardio surgery
  • Vascular surgery