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Acier - sternum wire

The “Acier” steel wire made from monofilament, high quality surgical stainless steel is used to close the sternum. The unique manufacturing of the Japanese steel during the production process guarantees high flexibility and excellent biocompatibility.

Ankura™ TAA Stent Graft System

The Ankura™ Thoracic Stent Graft is specifically designed for endovascular treatment of thoracic aortic dissection, aneurysm and other relative diseases. It reinforces the vascular wall of thoracic aorta from rupture.

Cardioflon Evolution

This braided PTFE-impregnated polyester thread is distinguished by its strength, its excellent knotting and the easy gliding through tissue.


The blue monofilament polyamide thread is used particularly for reconstructions and is one of the threads of the “Carpenter School”. It is distinguished by excellent tear resistance.


This braided, silicon-coated polyester thread displays excellent gliding properties when used for valves or for Carpentier rings.

Composite Meshes

INTRA-SWING® Composite meshes are made from multifilament polyester and a permanent, surface-covering adhesion protection made from polyurethane. They are not absorbable..

Contact Meshes

SWING-CONTACT® meshes are innovative, self-adhesive, non-absorbable meshes made from knitted multifilament polyester. The mesh sticks to tissue with the help of its unique atraumatic burled structure on the back and front.


The blue monofilament, specially finished polypropylene thread is preferably used in coronary bypass surgery, but is also used in general heart and vascular surgery as well as plastic surgery.

Embolektomy catheters

Single-lumen and double-lumen embolectomy catheter for all common methods of embolectomy (also “over-the-wire”).


The intraluminal Shunt Flo-Thru is used in coronary bypass surgery on the beating heart or even off-pump.