Fustar steerable introducer


Fustar™ is a unique steerable introducer which enables to position and place occluder precisely. The tip is deflectable 0-160°.

Distinctive properties

  • Multiple potential applications with only one sheath: appy to various interventional procedures.
  • Unique “Tip Deflection” technology: deflectable 0 - 160°.
  • Safe and ergonomic design for usage: smooth transition between dilator and sheath can reduce vessel trauma quickly and provide easy access to the target.
  • Vessel protection, minimized surgery risk: reach target point with coaxial status and minimize risk of mural thrombosis or plaque abscission during advancement.
  • Fustar = delivery sheath + guiding catheter: reduce surgery time by avoiding repetitive catheter sizing selection.
  • Distal silicon valve prevents air embolism and minimizes bleeding


Fustar™ is available in sizes 5 - 10 fr. and lengths 550 mm, 700 mm und 900 mm.

Areas of application

Usable in various interventional procedures.