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QuikClot® advanced clotting device


QuikClot® is a wide range of clotting devices that can be utilized in multiple units of the hospital. They are able to stop bleeding faster than standard compression and can also be used on patients on anticoagulants*.

QuikClot® is a proprietary technology, chich consists of a non-woven material impregnated with kaolin. Kaolin is an onorganic mineral that works on contact with blood and eccelerates the clotting cascade by activating factor XII in the Intrisic Pathway*.

Distinctive properties

QuikClot® Interventional® and Radial®
Indicated as an adjunct to manual compression and for local management and control of surface bleeding from vascular access sites, percutaneous catheters or tubes utilizing introducer sheaths up to 12 Fr. or 7 Fr. in patients on drug-induced anticoagulant treatment.

QuikClot® Hemostatic Dressings
Indicated as a topical dressing for the local management of bleeding wounds such as cuts, lacerations, and abrasions. It may also be used for temporary treatment of severely bleeding wounds such as surgical wounds (operative, postoperative, dermatological, etc.) and traumatic injuries.

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Areas of application

QuikClot® hemostatic dressings can be utilized in multiple units of the hospital:

• Emergency Room
• Intensive Care Unit
• Dialysis
• Operating Room
• Cath Lab, EP Lab and IR Lab
• Wound Care
• IV Team
• Gynecology


 Order Nr.  Description  Size  PU
 302  QuikClot®  5 x 5 cm  10 items
 301  QuikClot®  10 x 10 cm  10 items
 303  QuikClot® TraumaPad  30,5 x 30,5 cm  10 items
 632  QuikClot® Z-Fold  7,6 cm x 3,7m  10 items
 633  QuikClot® Roll  7,6 cm x 3,7m  10 items 
 467-Z  QuikClot® Interventional  3,8 x 3,8 cm  10 items
 183  QuikClot® Interventional + Tegaderm  3,8 x 3,8 cm  10 items
 374  QuikClot® Radial  Ø 2 cm, 3,8 cm  10 items
 188  QuikClot® Interventional PreSlit + Tegaderm  3,8 x 3,8 cm  10 items



  • Interventional radiology
  • E.R.
  • Intensive care
  • Cath Lab