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Vessel-Loops / Haltebänder


Vessel Loops
Reliable elastic loops made from medical grade platinum-cured silicone for the cerclage of vessels, nerves and tendons.


Elastic loops with a blunt needle alleviate the presentation and cerclage of vessels in coronary surgery on the beating heart. The silicon-covered surface lets the loops slide well and repels fluids. This product does not allow the penetration of x-rays and are easily visible in surgery due to their white colour. Sertilac® is 50 cm long and can be expanded to seven times the length.


Elastic tourniquets secure arterial and venous cannulas of the circulation. The Snugger is available in red rubber, transparent silicon or clear PVC in the sizes 8 to 22 Charrière and in lengths up to 20 cm. They are custom-made according to requirements and assembled with or without black, monofilament thread. 

Distinctive properties

  • Best retraction and pulling properties
  • X-ray impermeability
  • Platinum finish of the medical silicon of the loops
  • Oval shape of the loops for atraumatic application
  • In various thicknesses and colours
  • Sterilized with ethylene-oxide 

Areas of application

• Vascular surgery

• Heart surgery

• Visceral surgery


  • Vascular surgery
  • Visceral surgery