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Premio incision material is distinguished by the combination of a unique finished, monofilament PVDF with stable needles made from Japanese steel.

Distinctive properties

Premio threads in contrast to common polypropylene threads are elastic and are still fully inert even after 20 years. Premio are thus particularly suitable for use in vascular and cardio surgery interventions. Thanks to its elasticity, Premio adapts to the movements of the vessel perfectly but, due to the great knot security of the thread, the place of incision remains unchanged. The thread has no memory, it lies flat and is without a curvy course. 

Areas of application

  • Vascular surgery
  • Heart surgery


Premio is available in various thicknesses and lengths of thread, with or without pledgets. The matching conical round needles are available in semicircles or three-eighth circles, optionally with trocar tip and in three different fineness degrees.


  • Vascular surgery
  • Cardio surgery